Our library is indexed by themes, formation types, and so much more.

We truly believe that if at all possible a small group leader should avoid just simply searching for something to do with their small group (although it does happen!)  Have your goal in mind and search from there.  Don’t have a specific goal?  Check out our index to get some ideas!

The Four Areas of Formation

The Four Areas of Formation are a common “rubric” for formation.  St. John Paul II wrote about the four areas in regard to seminarian formation in Pastores Dabo Vobis.  The USCCB has highlighted the four areas of formation in Co-Workers in the VineyardYou can learn more about the four areas of formation here.

Small Group Ideas on the Four Areas of Formation


We truly believe that a good small group will search for ideas based upon a goal or desire that they have for the group or the individuals in it.  Here are some general goals.  For more specific themes or ideas, check out the other sections.

The Four Earmarks of Discipleship

Other Goals