Small Group Ideas

Have a non first meeting. (#0008)


Your first meeting should really be when you begin the thing that you and your small group are setting out to begin and after everyone has committed to it.  Take [...]

Have a non first meeting. (#0008)2019-04-15T16:11:57-05:00

Text Daily Inspirations (#0019)


Set up a group text message (for youth, include the parents) and send a simple inspiration each day to the group.  Consider having a member of the group take it [...]

Text Daily Inspirations (#0019)2019-04-15T11:54:36-05:00

Share a blessing and a thorn (#0017)


Begin each meeting by having everyone share something that they’ve recently noticed in their life as a blessing from God as well as something that is more of challenge.

Share a blessing and a thorn (#0017)2019-04-14T11:45:08-05:00