Video: Unmeeting Christ (#1007)


This video by is an excellent discussion starter on the reality of meeting Christ. A couple of good starter discussion questions might include: Would you say that you have [...]

Video: Unmeeting Christ (#1007)2019-08-31T19:59:36-05:00

Read the Sunday Readings. (#0102)


Reading and discussing the reading for Sunday Mass before Sunday is a great way to prepare for Mass. There are many places to find good reflections each week on the [...]

Read the Sunday Readings. (#0102)2019-08-10T12:55:23-05:00

Choose a group patron saint. (#0063)


Choose a patron saint for your group and allow that saint to develop the personality, activities, and spirituality of your group. You can do this by invoking the saint often [...]

Choose a group patron saint. (#0063)2019-04-16T19:18:20-05:00